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"Naturaleza Encendida" is a unique opportunity to experience a brilliant immersive experience in a one-of-a-kind UNESCO World Heritage site. It's a magical nighttime walk in a natural setting where life is illuminated, and the visitor becomes the protagonist. Embarking on this adventure invites you to discover rich biodiversity in a show suitable for all audiences and full of surprises, allowing you to experience the Real Alcázar of Seville like never before. This artistic project of light intervention is designed to highlight the historical, architectural, botanical, and cultural heritage of this marvelous location.


Public Access: La Alcoba Gate - Paseo de Catalina de Ribera, corner with Calle San Fernando, 41004 Seville

Daytime Ticket Office (until 14:00): Royal Alcazar of Seville - Patio de Banderas s/n (Apeadero Gate) 41004 Seville

Nighttime Ticket Office (1 hour before opening): Paseo de Catalina de Ribera – Murillo Gardens (Corner of Calle San Fernando), s/n- 41004 Seville

Exit through Apeadero Gate (Patio de Banderas).

There is a restroom available at the entrance and another one before the exit.



C1, C2, C3, C4, 01, 05, 21, 34, 35, 37, 22, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 38
Night lines: A1, A2, A3, A6
EA (Airport)
M-121, M-122, M-134, M-140, M-143 , M-151, M-123, M-124, M-130, M-131, M-132, M-132B, M-133, M-152, M-153, M-220, M-221


Prado de San Sebastián


Line C1, C4


Line T1 Prado de San Sebastián

• If you purchase a ticket with a reduced rate, it is necessary to present the corresponding accreditation at the entrance to the venue.   
• You can present the ticket in print or downloaded to your mobile device.

• The 50% discounted pass for residents and/or those born in Seville (city) is limited to the first session of each day.  
• The route lasts approximately 45 minutes.   
• The route is practicable for people who access it in wheelchairs, have reduced mobility or access it with baby strollers.   
• The Royal Alcazar of Seville remains open, and Naturaleza Encendida is celebrated as usual even in the rain. We recommend that you wear suitable footwear and clothing for this outdoor event, and if necessary, bring a raincoat or umbrella, as we aim to ensure a safe and excellent experience. The activity will only be canceled in the event of a weather alert and/or if the safety of visitors or the quality of the show is at risk.    
• In the event of cancellation, users will be notified by SMS and/or email within 72 hours. It is important that at the time of purchase you give us your details correctly: mobile phone number and email address written in small letters.   
• Lasers can cause damage. Do not directly expose the camera's lens to laser beams. They can damage the image sensor and cause incorrect camera operation. This damage can also occur if the camera is turned off but not covered with the lens cap.   
• Exposure to certain flashes or intermittent lighting can trigger epileptic seizures or fainting in photosensitive individuals.   

Please remember that you are visiting the Royal Alcazar of Seville, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To ensure the conservation of the gardens of the Royal Alcázar, visitors must follow the instructions provided by signage and staff:

• Eating, drinking, and smoking are prohibited during the tour.   
• Walking on the grass, in the landscaped areas, and touching the vegetation is not allowed.   
• Touching lighting elements (spotlights, figures, cables) is not permitted.   
• Access with drones, bicycles, skates, motorized scooters, balls, or similar objects that could endanger the gardens of the Royal Alcazar and the lighting elements is not allowed.   
• Please do not disturb the animals.

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