Naturaleza Encendida is a unique opportunity to live a magical immersive experience in a natural space. A night walking where you are the protagonist inside an extraordinary and peaceful location at the heart of the city where the life lights up.

Embark yourself in this incredible adventure that now invites you to discover the nature and ecosystem in Madrid and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Walk through this places that are full of surprises, suitable for all publics and in secure environments.


The new Christmas tradition



 A light experience in a natural environment



A safe open air leisure proposal

·· Madrid

After the success of 2019, it comes the new Christmas proposal of The Royal Botanic Garden.

From November 17 to January 10 EXTENDED UNTIL JANUARY 17

from 18:00h to 23:00h (last access at 22.15h).

Let Naturaleza Encendida to show you the details of The Royal Botanic Garden.

·· Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The Palmetum of Santa Cruz de Tenerife premieres the success that has come to stay this Christmas.

From December 15 to February 14 from 18:30 to 23:00h (last access at 22:15h)

In LIFE, when night falls the life lights ups

Naturaleza encendida

Naturaleza Encendida comes this Christmas to Madrid and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. An exceptional adventure that is full of light and invites you to discover a daydream space where you will feel charmed by nature.

Bring your kids, friends, and partner. Have fun, learn, pose for your best pictures ever and share it!


The most magical nightfall of this Holidays is waiting for you, will you miss it?