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"El Palmetum, un parque de sensaciones"


"Una noche entre flores "


"La experiencia inmersiva e «instagramable» de estas Navidades"


"Más de 3 millones de bombillas LED encenderán la Navidad en Santa Cruz"


"Un millón de luces LED harán del Palmetum la ‘estrella’ de la Navidad capitalina"


Naturaleza Encendida Santa Cruz de Tenerife, LIFE

Llega a Santa Cruz de Tenerife una aventura excepcional, un paseo nocturno en el corazón de la ciudad, una experiencia inmersiva segura y llena de luz en un parque de 12 hectáreas de extensión. LIFE es una edición de Naturaleza Encendida inspirada en los cuatro elementos: agua, tierra, fuego y aire. Ven y vive un viaje de ensueño, diviértete y déjate llevar por su magi



Friday, Saturday and Sunday

from January 22 to February 28,

visits from 18:30h. to 22:30h.

(last access at 21:30h.).



Avda. de la Constitución 5
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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We offer different rates for all family.

Family Pack 25% off, people with disability, discount from 4 tickets on, ticket premium.


The four elements that inspire LIFE are represented in three worlds: aquatic, terrestrial and aerial. Here we reveal to you a little bit of each one, we will let you know some of the beings that lives in and we show you a few surprises of the many that you will find on your way. Be ready and prepare your five senses to live this adventure.


We get into the Aerial World letting our mind fly and enjoying the birds’ symphony that seem talking from its little houses in the Melanesia zone. The magic of the dragonflies will let us plow the sky through the plants of New Caledonia, these little creatures need clean and pure air to live. Traditional ideas, like the stork bringing babies to the world, join with the more eco-awareness, of a world that, like a child, needs to be care for being healthy, away from polluting chimneys and the pollution that stalk like the vultures that have escaped flying to the other side of the park.


Our route now becomes into a fantastic marine bottom: the trees become corals and just by walking in the zone of Madagascar plants, you will be submerged into an oneiric world, sharing the ocean with a 6-meter whale, groups of fishes, jellyfishes going up and down in the Octagon… and some wastes that, sadly, now belongs to the scenery. Let yourself sway with the waves sound, the bubbles and the music.


If you continue the path you will realize that now you are on solid ground and you are as little as a bug. Discover how useful beetles are for ground and seeding; sense the beasts that stalk in the brushwood by seeing their eyes in the dark; or join the 35 luminous fire ants that walk to Plaza del Caribe, where the brown color of earth will turn red and orange when we see the devastating effect of fires that affects to the flora and fauna, to the LIFE of the places where this happen and that will take a lot of time to recover its forests and inhabitants.


We cross with a path of hope that remind us that there is still something to hold on, that if we get on with it, we are on time to help the planet and its life.

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Naturaleza Encendida, LIFE, will take place in

Palmetum Botanic Garden

Avda. de la Constitución,5
Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Islas Canarias

Google maps location

LIFE entrance does not include transportation or parking.

How to get there
  • Trolley: stop “Intercambiador” + a 5-minute waking by Avenida Marítima to Palmetum.
  • Bus:
    • stop “Intercambiador” + a 5-minute waking by Avenida Marítima to Palmetum.
    • stop “Meridiano” in c/ Mayor José Emilio García Gómez.
  • Private car: Maritim Park’s parking, free. LIFE entrance does not guarantee a parking lot.


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If a venue has in its DNA the essence of LIFE, it is for sure The Palmetum, that emerged from a totally degraded space to become into a paradise of nature.

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Without a doubt it is a valuable example of how we have put on danger our ecosystem, but it is also a light of hope and the prove to realize that we still have time to get on with it and bring its LIFE back.

Naturaleza Encendida, in its LIFE edition, help us to go across different ecosystems through an oneiric and immersive journey. Thanks to this route we will share adventures with the beings that live in them, delighting us with its contribution to the environment, knowing its issues and letting us an open door to reflect about possible solutions.


Get your tickets with anticipation. This way you can choose the access time that fits best for you and will avoid to queue up at the ticket window. You can buy your tickets here. Besides, the success of this activity at Madrid’s Botanic Garden last year caused all tickets to be sold out and this year people capacity has been reduced due to authorities’ restrictions. Don let your family miss this new Christmas classic!

Redd tips
  • Naturaleza EncendidaLIFE, takes place at an open-air venue after sunset so that it is convenient that you bring warm clothing and comfortable shoes.
  • We suggest to you to avoid bringing big bags to speed up your time at security control.
  • The park path is accessible for strollers and wheelchairs.
  • There are accessible toilets for people with disability.
  • If you want to have images for your private use, you are welcome to take pictures and to bring your tripod. If you capture the special environment of Naturaleza Encendida, LIFE we encourage you to share it on our social media pages FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. Commercial photography will only be allowed upon request and agreement.
  • For security reasons, you cannot access with bicycles, roller skates, balls or any other similar objects that could put in risk the luminous installations.
  • If you lost something in the park, write us and give us a description of the object ( in case someone has found it and delivered it at the ticket window.
  • Attention: the path has slopes and inclinations.

Creative Team

Naturaleza Encendida is a concept created by the production company LETSGO, responsible of plays like The Hole, Ghost, The Addams Family or events like Abre Madrid.

For creating LIFE, it has hired the talents of the award-winning Felype de Lima (Max Award, among others) for the art direction and Carlos Torrijos for the lighting design, as he has done before for successful shows like Anastasia or Billy Elliot.

LIFE is and original idea from Ana María Voicu and Iñaki Fernández.

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